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Here at CBCOC we have a diverse range of ministries that reach out across different generations and languages. Click on the following to discover the worship gatherings, events, and fellowships that our church family has to offer.

Strive For What's Ahead, CBCOC Church Retreat 2015

Come join us for our Church Retreat from June 12-14 at California Baptist University, Riverside. Find out more information on the retreat and registration details

Chinese Language School
Want to learn to speak and write Chinese? What better than to learn and be taught from native speakers from our church family. With classes for all ages, there will be new events and activities to come. The new school year is beginning this September

Our Congregation Families
As a loving, New Testament Chinese Church, our church family is diverse from different backgrounds and ages. Come and Join our church family as we welcome you to join us in praising His name in one of our four diverse worship gatherings

Be Active! the Family of God
To be great in the Lord's Kingdom is to have the heart of a servant. Volunteers are needed! There are many opportunities available to work together with our diversity to bring greater glory to God. Come see the opportunities and get involved in God's greater glory by serving in the many great ministries in our church family.