CBCOC Core Values

Christ Centered Unity

CBCOC believes Christ is the Head of our church and we strive to demonstrate His Grace and His Love to the world. Our unity is based on our commitment to Christ, with appreciation of our diversity in cultures. We believe that unity is not necessarily uniformity. We encourage and respect different points of view and methods.

Biblical Truth Foundational

Teaching, applying & guarding of the truth of the Bible form the basic foundation of our church. II Timothy 3: 16-17

Citizens of God's Kingdom

As citizens of God's kingdom, we pledge our allegiance to Christ's Lordship. We are guided by the Holy Spirit to Christ-like living. We are Christ's ambassadors to reach the lost world. We watchfully prepare for the return of the King.

One Another Members

We believe that every member is a vital link in the growth of the church through their participation in exercising their gifts, loving care for one another, praying for one another , ministering to one another's needs, and fellowshipping with one another.

Commitment To Missions & Continual Evangelism

CBCOC is committed to the fulfillment of the Great Commission ( Matt. 28:18-20), through our participation in cross-cultural missions. We believe in spreading the gospel through programming & personal relationships.