The Great Commission

CBCOC believes Christ is the Head of our church and we strive to demonstrate His Grace and His Love to the world. Our Vision Statement says: CBCOC is a Loving New Testament Chinese Church whose purpose is to fulfill the Great Commission. And we thank the Lord that we can partner with you California Southern Baptists to be involved in missions work here in California and around the world.

Your gifts allow five of our members to serve with Southern Baptists in Asia . Your gifts have also allowed one of our Japanese-American retirees to serve as a church planter on the Pala Indian Reservation near Temecula. We once held meetings on land where a casino now sits. For several years, the church planter has conducted Bible studies with more than twenty-five coming to faith in Jesus Christ. Last August through the partnership of CBCOC, other Chinese, Korean, Native American, and Anglo churches the congregation had their first worship service in the old Tribal hall with more than ninety attending.

Some of our people have partnered with other Chinese churches to minister as part of the San Diego Association's Tijuana project to do medical and dental ministries, conduct VBS, and distribute food, toys, blankets, and clothing. We have seen how these one-day projects have led to week-long mission trips to Native Americans in Arizona and Central California on the Tule River Indian Reservation. We praise the Lord that CBCOC has been used by Christ to stir others to be on mission.

This last year we have sent two teams to reach our adopted people group in Asia . God willing, two couples from these teams will go back as long term missionaries. We also have sent six of our members to minister to the Chinese and Spanish-speaking Chinese in the Dominican Republic . One church has been strengthened while another was started in a restaurant whose owner became a believer and was baptized in the Carribean, and who now lead that small congregation. A part of the team also went into a new area to lay the groundwork for another church start.

In the past year, two hundred of our people have been involved in local ministry, thirty-six have participated in state-wide mission projects and 94 have taken part in international missions this past year. Some of our members have gone on non-church-sponsored mission trips to Middle East, Italy, Honduras, Southeast Asia, Peru, Japan, and even Hawaii.

We want to help our members to move from one day trips to weeklong excursions to month-long expeditions and hopefully to long term missionary service. Time is short. We have made missions a priority as seen by the 26% of our budget going to mission-related work. Thanks for letting our church partner together with you to see the Great Commission become a reality.

July 30, 2005