Library Committee

The Library has a large collection of resources and materials for teaching instruction, theology, & spiritual growth. The Library also offers media materials to help those of all ages as well as plenty of Chinese Language resources.

An Active Church Family, Building the Body of Christ

Chinese Baptist Church of Orange County (CBCOC) is a Loving New Testament Chinese Church whose purpose is to fulfill the Great Commission challenge of worship, evangelism, discipleship, and ministry.

We call upon our entire church family to actively be a participant in serving and playing a role in the fulfillment of God's greater plan and glory. No matter our inadequacies, our imperfections, our Heavenly Father never required us to be perfect to merit his love and strength nor as a requirement to be worthy to do his great work.

He calls upon us amid our imperfections so that he may work his amazing miracles through you to fulfill his amazing, wonderous plan. He challenges us to trust and rely upon His strength so that he can work through us to build the body of Christ. It is not by our strength that His wonderous and amazing plan is fulfilled, but rather His strength that turns imperfect, inadequate people to do extraordinary things with His strength and faithfulness.

With the many ministries that help build our church family for the Lord's glory, we hope that you find that having the heart of servant and trusting on the Lord's guidance will bring you great joy in being part of God's great and wonderous plan.