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Mission Statement

Glorify God
Proclaim God's Word through music
Worship and lead in worship of Almighty God
Help bring CBCOC Bilingual Congregation and the world to Jesus
Serve out of a sense of gratitude to God for what He has done

Welcomes you to join the choir ministry!!

Director : Brother Gee Lim
Gee Lim

Gee Lim Gee Lim Gee Lim Gee Lim Gee Lim Gee Lim Gee Lim

Practice time: every Sunday 1:30pm - 3:30pm (Except the business meeting Sunday)

Sing to the Lord a new song. Sing to the Lord all the earth. Psalms 96:1

choir trainin choir trainin choir trainin

       11/19/2017                    10/11/2014 聯合詩班讚美音樂會 Choral Festival 2014

bilingual choir bilingual choir bilingual choir

          詩班 2012                  詩班-1995 讚美晚會              詩班-1988 讚美晚會
5/26/2019 深哉 天父的愛How Deep The Father's Love For Us 視頻video
4/28/2019 傳給萬邦 Tell It To The Nations 視頻video, 歌詞 lyric
4/21/2019 我是 I Am 視頻video, 錄音 Recording
3/17/2019 煉金的火Refiner's Fire 視頻video
2/17/2019 主是平安He Is Our Peace 視頻video

獻詩 Special Music

2018 CBCOC Christmas Choir Activities 2018 聯合聖誕聖班活動 视频
11/19/2017 How Can I Keep From Singing 怎可不高聲歡唱? 視頻 video
11/12/2017 In His Presence 在主的蔭庇下 視頻 video
4/16/2017 超越一切 Above All 視頻video, 錄音recording, 歌詞Lyric
3/19/2017 我站立在神寶座前 Before the Throne Of God Above 視頻video, 錄音recording, 歌詞Lyric
2/5/2017 十字架 Near The Cross 視頻 video
11/20/2016 感恩!Give Thanks Medley 視頻 video, 錄音recording, 歌詞lyric
11/6/2016 天父知道 The Father Knows 視頻 video, 歌詞lyric
10/9/2016 UNTIL THEN/到那時 視頻 video, 錄音recording, 歌詞lyric
9/25/2016 How Great Is Our God/神何等偉大 視頻 video, 歌詞lyric
9/4/2016 奇異恩典/枷鎖已除Amazing Grace/My Chains Are Gone 歌詞lyric
8/21/2016 基督光照Shine, Jesus, Shine 視頻 video, 歌詞lyric
5/29/2016 I Will Lift My Eyes 我要向山舉目 視頻 video, 歌詞lyric
5/1/2016 Before The Throne Of God Above 我站立在神寶座前 視頻 video, 歌詞lyric
3/27/2016 十架已成救贖The Power Of The Cross 視頻 video, 歌詞lyric
2/21/2016 祢的榮耀廣大Great Is Your Glory 視頻 video, 歌詞lyric
1/24/2016 我是一盞小燈This Little Light Of Mine 視頻 video, 歌詞lyric

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