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We welcome you to join us in building a Healthy Church

Growing warmer through Fellowship
Growing deeper through Discipleship
Growing stronger through Worship
Growing broader through Ministry
Growing large through Evangelism

Sunday Worship Service

This Week
Breaking the Generational Sin
Speaker:程俊生弟兄 Brother Jensen Cheng
Scripture:Exodus 出 20:1-6

Last week
Pioneer wanted
Speaker:梁誠德牧師 Pastor Leung
Scripture:è…“ Philippians 1:12-26

*下主日 (6/23/19) 講員Speaker: 方鎮明博士

講道錄音 Sermon Recording

Weekly activity

Sunday Worship: 10:45am-12:00pm

Sunday School: 9:15am-10:30am

Children Worship: 10:45am-12:00pm

Children Sunday School: 9:15am-10:30am

Choir Rehearsal: 1:30pm-3:30pm

Chinese School 2018: 主日1:30pm-3:30pm

Prayer Corner: Morning service prayer team began to pray every Sunday at 8:45am at Technical Hall, Please join and pray.

Church Prayer Meeting:Wednesday:7:30pm


擴大你的禱告生活,探索上帝對穆斯林世界的心。Expand your prayer life and explore God’s heart for the Muslim world
30天齋月禱告指南 A 30-Day Ramadan Prayer Guide

6/21~23 聯合夏令退修會 Joint Retreat Jun. 21-23 @Murrieta Hot Springs

Recruiting co-workers
1. Sunday School Children needs teachers New teachers require a one time background search.
2. Brotherhood
3. Ping Pong Coordinator Contact Pastor Leung

Welcome to our Morning prayer at 6 am. Monday thru Saturday Let us experience corporate prayers in Christ! 教堂每週一至週六清晨都開放晨禱, 歡迎參加,一同經歷基督裡守望禱告之樂!

Center 和 Olive 交口的公共停車塲