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慶祝教會成立四十四週年 44th Anniversary - 感恩聯合崇拜 & 午餐Combined Praise Service & Lunch

39 anniversary Bannerr

慶祝教會成立四十五週年 45th Anniversary

1.感恩聯合崇拜 Combined Praise Service 讚美视频 Praise video, 影集photos
2.宴會banquet 影集 photos

慶祝教會成立四十四週年 44th Anniversary

感恩聯合崇拜 & 午餐Combined Praise Service & Lunch 视频video 44 anniversary Bannerr

慶祝教會成立四十三週年 43rd Anniversary - Celebrate New Things to Come

43nd 43nd 43nd 43nd

慶祝教會成立四十二週年 42nd Anniversary - Celebrate New Things to Come

感恩聯合崇拜,午餐 42nd Anniversary Combined Praise Service and Lunch

42nd 42nd 42nd 42nd

慶祝教會成立四十一週年 Strive For What’s Ahead 努力面前

感恩聯合崇拜,午餐 41th Anniversary Combined Praise Service and Lunch

慶祝教會成立四十週年-新的四十年,新的轉變 Transformed for the next 40 years

慶祝活動照片 Celebration activities photo collections
一個美麗的見證 A beautiful testimony
各代表團體演出 Groups presentations
四十週年曲 40Anniversary Theme Song



感恩聯合崇拜 39th Anniversary Combined Praise Service

  1. 讚美 Singspiration(video)
  2. 奉献 Offering(video)
  3. 獻詩 CBU presentation(video)
  4. 信息 Message(audio)
  5. 見證 Testimony(video)
  6. 祝福 Remarks and Benediction(video)

聚餐 39th Anniversary Dinner

History and Background


April 17, 1974 - Dr. and Mrs. James Chiu share vision for a Chinese mission with Pastor Robert Harris and First Southern Baptist Church of Anaheim.

April 20 - First South Baptist votes for Dr. Chiu to start work in the chapel.

April 27 - An "open house and tea fellowship" for guests found by search for Chinese names in local phone directories. 35 adults and 7 children attend.

April 28 - 40 people come to the Bible study at 9:30am and 60 people attend the first worship service at 10:45am in the chapel.

May 19 - Dr. James Chiu is ordained as a Southern Baptist minister.
October - The mission gains financial support from the Home Mission Board of Southern Baptist Convention and Language Missions Department of the California State Baptist Convention. The worship service is move from the chapel to a remodeled room that accommodates 160 people.

December - First Christmas program is held in the main sanctuary that begins an annual tradition of Christmas musicals.

April 26, 1975 - First Anniversary Praise Banquet with 217 people present. June 1975 - First wedding: David and Helena Lee are married during Sunday Service as the entire congregation share their joyful moment.

January 3, 1993 - Pastor Chiu and 80 members are sent to the mission church. English worship is moved into sanctuary with a 9:15 am service.

May 31,2015 - Pastor James is resting with the Lord


January 24, 1993 - CBCOC formally elects Pastor Eng to the senior pastor position.

November - CBCOC calls Rev. Lum and he is shepherding Bilingual Congregation since January 1994.


After two decades of faithful toil serve in Bilingual Congregation, Pastor Lum at June 31, 2013, retired. To help find a new Bilingual Congregation pastor during this transition period. Pastor Lum will be Bilingual Congregation interim pastor.

  1. 林牧師"為教會守望"信息視頻 Pastor Lum's message "Stand Watch for Our Church" Video
  2. 林牧師獨唱視頻 Pastor Lum's solo video
  3. 6/30/2013那天 6/30/2013 The Day
  4. 6/29/2013 林牧師榮休聚餐 Pastor Lum's Retirement Dinner。

January,2015 CBCOC calls Rev. Tony Leung to shepherding Bilingual Congregation

  1. 梁牧師就職禮 Pastor Leung's Installation Video
  2. 歡迎梁誠德牧師午餐 Welcome Pastor Tony Leung's lunch

Pastor Leung Pastor Leung Pastor Leung Pastor Leung

7/12 2015 按立周修強傳道為牧師典禮 Raymond Chow's Ordination Video視頻 Photo album 影集

Raymond chow Raymond chow Raymond chow Raymond chow

8/30/2015 長老就職典禮 Installation for Elders Video視頻

Elders1 Elders4 Elders2 Elders3

9/6/2015 張耕良傳道授證 Licensing of Ryan Cheung Video視頻

English Pastor English Pastor English Pastor

10/4/2015 新執事就職典禮New Deacons Installation Video視頻

New Deacons New Deacons New Deacons New Deacons

3/13/2016 真道華人浸信會獻堂典禮 Truth Chinese Baptist Church Dedication Service Video視頻 TCBC Dedication TCBC Dedication

5/28/2016 伍偉廉牧師榮休 Rev. William Eng Retirement Celebration

Pastor Eng Retirement Pastor Eng Retirement Pastor Eng Retirement
  1. 影集Photo album
  2. 分組上台 group presentation 視頻 videro

2017/6/17 梁誠德牧師教牧學博士畢業典禮Pastor Tony Leung's Doctor of Ministry graduation ceremony Video視頻

Vision Statement

Chinese Baptist Church of Orange County (CBCOC) is a Loving New Testament Chinese Church whose purpose is to fulfill the Great Commission challenge of worship, evangelism, discipleship, and ministry.

We exist to worship the Almighty God in the context of our Chinese heritage, proclaim salvation through Jesus Christ, nurture the body of believers in love under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and to advance the great commission both in the United States and the world.

We seek to be a New Testament Church of the Lord Jesus, a local body of baptized believers who are associated by covenant in the faith and fellowship of the gospel, observing the two ordinances of Christ, committed to His teachings, exercising the gifts, rights, and privileges invested in us by His Word, and seeking to extend the gospel to the end of the earth.

We see the main priorities of our work are to provide worship services in various languages so that each member of our body can experience worship in his/her own culture, to plant mission churches to proclaim the salvation we have received, to present the Word to equip the family of God to live out Christ's teaching as a community of light, and to prepare workers for the Kingdom's work.

We warmly welcome all to our fellowship, family and current event through Jesus Christ our Lord. Come join us to become all that God wants us to be - to make the vision a reality at CBCOC.

Special dates

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